6 down...more training to go

Got my 6 miles in today. Ran around Lake Mission Viejo. It's about 3.1 miles all the way around so it was twice around for me. Also it's hilly. Why do I like to torture myself with hills?

According to my training schedule from Runners World Smart Coach, I was to run 6 miles at a 12:06 pace. Although I flirted with the 12:00 pace, I could never quite get myself there without walking. I'm not sure what to do about that. I was more in an 11:35 groove for the whole 6 miles. I'm thinking I might need to adjust my 5K pace that was the basis for the whole Smart Coach program. I'll have to check that out later.

It took bit longer for me to really settle in this run. Somewhere around mile 3 I knew I could finish it, although I promised myself my next long run would be more flat.

Ha! I got home to a message from my friend Jillian asking if I wanted to run the Orange County International run course. Yes the OMGWTFBBQ 6.2 miles. Of course I said yes, how's your weekend look!

Really, I did. I know, crazy, but maybe it'll make me a better runner, right?

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Viv said...

Great run, Yas! Fo' sho update that 5K pace with the coach. I have those Z1 & z2 (13:30ish) runs where I think how can I run at this pace but it can be done.