Abort Mission!

Thanksgiving Day '08 started out well enough. I had checked Accuweather the night before. It was supposed to stop raining at 6 am and everything would be fine. I checked it again in the morning and it still looked clear.

We left at 6, 30 minutes later than I wanted to, but with my mom driving and all... Took forever to get off the freeway. Parking was like Carlsbad all over again. We ended off parking on some Lantern street about 1.5 mile from the Start line. I was signed up for the 10K and my MIL and Mom were going to walk the 5K. It was sprinkling. We made it to the registration table to pick up our stuff.

It was a mad house. I'm guessing the rain and the piss poor directions that led to the traffic jam off the freeway, also led to the delay in the race start. Although I picked up my number in time to run, I begged off. It was flashbacks of Surf City 5K all over again. I was never going to get that wet again, if I could help it!

It turned out to be the right decision. It started to pour! We sought refuge in the Kool 'n Fit tent, where I got a great deal on 2 bottles of Kool n' Fit (the best conditioning spray evah!) We waited here for about 15 minutes before the rain broke enough for us to run to the Sushi restaurant that had opened it's doors. They didn't serve food, but were making pitchers of bloody marys. They didn't expect us to buy anything, which was great.

Finally we made it back to the van and went home. At least we walked our 5K!


AKA Alice said...

Excellent decision!..especially the bloody mary part :-)

Viv said...

I am with Alice on that one...5K parking lots walk and bloddy marys sound like a great makeshift plan to me.