Watch Where You Run

So I know I've been AWOL, but that's what holidays do to you. You have to find the time to make your house pretty, or at least clean, help make Thanksgiving dinner, buy Christmas presents, train for a 1/2 marathon, ride 24 miles, blog...

Yup, it was at the end of my list. But on to the post.

I had 6 on my schedule for Thursday. I also had a kick-off ladies night at a bike store in Long Beach to attend. (Fellow diva Dina is always making the trek to the OC, we decided to follow her up there.) My only requirements were directions on where to run to make my 6 miles and if I could take a quick shower at her house.

The 6 miles was reached by running from her house to a Marriott (I didn't realize I had to use the bathroom until I saw the Marriott) back to the main street and to Long Beach City college. Then I came back and ran around her neighborhood a bit.

One thing I forgot about Long Beach, from the time I lived there, was the uneven pavement. So I fell, twice, and I'm pretty sure I had an audience across the street both times. The first time I fell on grass, the second on cement. I ripped a small hole in my new Nike capris that I was wearing for the first time. I now have a huge raspberry on my left knee. A week before Jeremy's Christmas party, for which I have a pretty black dress that ends just above the knee.

I've decided to own the road rash, after all, I'm an athlete, right? These things happen, right?

It ended up being worth it. Although I didn't win the raffle for the bike, I won a pair of Shimano shoes and pedals that I need to pick up. I'm excited about that.

Yesterday I had 7 miles on tap. I had gotten home from a girls night in late and didn't wake up, read get my arse out of bed, until 8am. 8 AM!!!! This is unheard of for me. Usually I have a dog or cat who wakes me up by 7:30 like clockwork. I didn't get my run in.

I went to visit my friend who I hadn't seen since she had her baby. I got home and vegged. About 6 I lamented about how I missed my run and then devised a plan to run the 2 miles to the gym, run 3 miles on a treadmill, then run the 2 miles home. Up hill. Will I ever learn?

All things considered, the run went well. The grade going up the hill at the end was deceiving while I was running down. I know it feels steeper when I drive it, not sure why I was able to convince myself it wouldn't be so bad running up. All in all, it got done and I felt better for it.

Today we rode 2 hours on the mountains to sea trail. Started in Yorba Linda/Anaheim Hills and rode to Anaheim, a bit past the Honda Center and Angel's stadium. It was a joy ride, I don't think we went over 13 mph. I may have wanted to go faster, but I was enjoying my time talking with Laura and it was the first time I'd been on my bike since the Subaru Triathlon in October. I really need more saddle time, a possibly a new bike.

My frame is a 51 cm, the people at the bike shop think I need a 49 at the very least, probably closer to a 47. Luckily my mom has a spare 47 cm Cannondale that I get to try out at Christmas time. Maybe I'll trade her if it's a better fit!


AKA Alice said...


Bummer about the Nike's

So...let me get this straight, you ran, you fell, you ran again, then you rode? You are amazing. I'll bet you have all your Christmas shopping done too, don't you?

Yasmin said...

Not all my Christmas shopping, but most of it. And it's almost all wrapped, too.

Please can I still be your friend?