I could tell you about my 1.5 mile dreadmill run, or the spin class that continues to kick my ass. (I'm pretty sure the tension knob is broken on my bike. On all the bikes I chose for spin. They should really fix that.)

Instead I want to give you a movie review. It's short and sweet.

, see it.

No, it's not a video posted on You-Tube that my witnesses posted of me falling twice on my run in Long Beach, although that probably would make you laugh. It's a tongue in cheek movie about the direction our country, and world, could be going. Including lawyers named Frito and a language that has taken the best of hilly billy, valley girl, and street for communication. It may be a bunch of stupid humor, but it does have a moral, so just wait for it...

Click here for IMDB's info on it. Or just click here because I know you all just want to know what happens. You can always add it to your Netflix account, or just buy it on Amazon for 10 bucks. It's awesome.

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