This Week...

Not a very snappy title, but descriptive.

I took Monday and Tuesday off. Monday is my scheduled DOR, read scheduled get carp done day. Tuesday I walked into the gym to get ready for the spin class and my nose started running. It had been running on and off since Sunday. I walked right back out. I wasn't going to blow my nose all through spin class.

Wednesday I loaded up on allergy meds and went to another spin class. No nose problems, yay! Thursday was 6 miles around the neighborhood. I got to see snow on the mountains (see below) near my house. Also, I saw Santa. Didn't take a picture of (or with) him. All this meant was I had an audience for both my laps. Great.

Friday was another spin class. I didn't work very hard in this class, because I knew I had an 8 miler on tap for Saturday, but I was still disappointed with the calorie burn. Barely over 400. Also she started late but ended on time due to a class that was scheduled after us. I remember this happening before.

Saturday was the crown jewel. 8 miles outside. My plan was to park at a fairly empty business parking lot and run to the lake, around the lake twice, then back to the car. I chickened out. It had one of those "unauthorized cars will be towed at owner's expense" sign. I found a neighborhood closer to the lake and parked there.

I ran to the lake and instead of running around the lake, I decided to keep going straight, thinking it wouldn't be as hilly. I was wrong. It was hilly, but I couldn't have planned a better run. The first four miles were pretty and easy, with some downward slopes. After the lake I started to see a pattern. Down ~1/2 mile flat or a bit uphill 1/2 mile, downhill 1/2 mile and then I chose my path to be flat or a bit uphill for the last 1/2 mile.

This set me up for a great back 4. Half mile recovery, half mile uphill, half mile recovery, half mile uphill, half mile recovery, quarter mile uphill, cool down to the car. Yay!

I think I'm going to do this route again. After I put my "oh shit what did I set myself up for" thoughts behind me, it worked out well and I beat my pace time.

Tomorrow is a ride out to Camp Pendleton. 2 hours, maybe 20+ miles. Wish me luck!


Al's CL Reviews said...

Sounds like a good run. I hope the bike was good too.

AKA Alice said...

oooh...I hope the ride this morning went well for you...the rain, the rain!