So Close

We're so close to so many things.

So close to Ash cat's dilemma coming to an end.
So close to a size 6.
So close to the 130s.
So close to finishing C25K.
So close to Chuck coming back on the air.

I can see all these goals. It makes me happy.

I've finished week 7 of C25K. I ran about 2.25 miles in my 25 minutes. I'm still hovering around an 11:30-12 min/mile pace.

Tomorrow is my first day of week 8. I'm going to go into work early, so I can make sure I'm off in time to run outside. I don't like the treadmill, as some of you already know. I'm not sure if there is technique for running on the treadmill that I don't know. I figure, as long as I'm putting one foot down, then the other, and I'm not eating tread belt, I'm doing it right...

We had a bit of a set back with Ash. Some of her stitches busted and the vet had to repair them and inserted a drainage tube to help the liquid find it's way out. We're still better than we were even a month ago. I'm telling Ash she needs to be better by Valentine's Day. We can hope.

The size 6 and 130s are by products of having fun exercising, deciding to cook my meals and freakin' determination. My 8's are feeling a bit loose, but that could be because they need to be washed. I've started a race to 130 with another WW friend. Baby steps. 130 will be within 5-10 lbs of my goal.

If you haven't seen Chuck, check it out. It, along with Life, are my must watches of this new season. Pushing Daisies is in there too. I hope the writers' strike ends soon. Along with destroying the economy of LA, they're forcing me to find other ways to entertain myself in the evenings. Yes it all comes down to me and my needs.

With that I'll leave you.


Viv said...

Oh no, about Ash's stiches. Poor kittie.
Awesome with the running, and getting out of the 8's! You are so close with everything, I bet you can almost taste it... WTG!

Carly said...

WTG! You are doing awesome. You will be in those 6's very soon.
Sorry about your poor kitty.