Hold your head up high

'Cause tomorrow you may die
'Cause no one's safe around here
No one's safe around here. ~Rancid

How ironic was it that on my run, whilst this song was playing, my Garmin died.
I forgot about my cell, until the last ~ 8 minutes of my run.

Before I realized my Garmin died, I was really pumped about this run. It started off better than any of the 20+ minute runs I've done in the past week. I was flying and even had to dodge a skater boy who bailed off his board and jump over the board! I WAS a runner. I was impressing myself! (I also was wearing my shirt that said Impress Yourself.) When I saw it died, I almost gave up. After all, I no longer had a timing device. Nothing to track my calories. I could run longer than 23 minutes, Macy forbid!

But then I thought, if I stop now I'll just have to do this again. It started out so well, I was going to finish it.

When I last glanced at my Garmin, it was 11 minutes into my run. I figured it would take me at least 5 minutes to run from where I was to the greyhound house, they have 3 greyhounds. I kept using landmarks like that, and checking my time on my cell phone, once I realized I did have another timing device, I had a goal. Run until 5:03.

I finished and felt great. I'm not quite sure if I made the whole 23 minutes, but I was damn close! Who cares about the calories, what I really wanted was the mileage.

There is always Thursday's run. I'll just have to be more prepared.


Viv said...

Great Job!
I am a big bailer without all the electronic gadgets.

Tammy said...

Great job, Yas!

I don't bail on the workout if Mr. Garmin decides to die on me, but I do slow down... I don't know how I ever ran without him!