Conquering the Dreadmill

The internet went out yesterday. What did this mean? It means that I will be home from 4-6pm (or until Jeremy came home) and wait for the cable guy. I was hoping he'd get there right at 4 and fix the problem in 30 minutes or less, so I could get out and run before it got dark.

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans... or in my case, the best hoped plans.

The cable guy came around 5:15. The sun was already setting. Jeremy came home around 5:30, so I left him to watch dinner in the oven and set out for the gym to face the dreadmill.

I went straight to work when I got there, no ifs ands or buts. I figured I had a great dinner that would be waiting for me when I got home, I just needed to get through this.

I took a suggestion offered by a friend of mine's, Jana, trainer and set the incline to 1.0. I've set it to .5 in the past and nothing was different than just running on the treadmill.

It worked!!! I got through my run, it was almost fun! My knees didn't feel funny afterwards. I even added a couple of fast intervals (faster than the 5 mph I usually keep). I was even lip singing to some of the songs. I'm hoping I didn't drop any f-bombs on accident.

So my fear of the dreadmill is over. I know I can make it bearable. I know it might even be fun, in short spurts. Yea me!


Viv said...

So, glad you found your nook with the TM. With no knee pain, and a great run..yaa!!

Carly said...

WTG! Finding your mojo on the TM is hard.

Tammy said...

Great job!

I never never never enjoy running on the treadmill. I've been making my daughter sit in the front room with me and keep me company when I have to resort to using mine!

Carly said...

Yas, I tried your incline trick on the treadmill yesterday and it totally changed my dreadmill experience. thanks!