Graduation, Ickiness and Rain

Sunday was my final C25K run. I'm hoping it's my last final C25K run, as I'm trying to listen to my body more and not run, like today, when I want to or cut runs short if my body says no.

This whole week my body has been saying no. It's my mensus, thanks Kelly, and Tuesday I was feeling crappy, but I went for a 2 miler before having to get ready and drive to Anaheim, via Irvine, to meet up with my Dad for dinner. I felt better immediately. I'm just extra tired this week. I'm not eating well and I'm not tracking my food. I know I'm not eating well which is contributing to my icky feeling. I need to get on that.

Forecast for Huntington Beach, CA
Friday 2/1: Partly Sunny and Breezy
Satday 2/2: Partly Sunny and Cool
Sunday 2/3: Cool and RAINY
Monday 2/4: Mostly Sunny

My first race back and it's going to RAIN. I haven't run in rain. In fact, I joined a gym so I wouldn't have to run in rain. But I'm there and still planning on my running skirt and short
sleeves. I figure I'll warm up somewhere during the 3 miles.

Oh and Ash is slowly getting better. We're back to 3 times a week, but she's dealing.

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Viv said...

Good luck this weekend! Congrats on finishing C25K. Maybe the rain will hold out for you...