I Feel Like Day Old Ick

Really, I do. I go through periods of the day when I feel like fresh Ick, then it goes back to the day old variety. But I finished C25K W6D2 anyway.

But Yasmin, you ask, you're sick. Aren't you supposed to take it easy? Well I consulted my Runners' World 2008 calendar and it tells me if it's mostly above neck, go for it, if it's in your chest at all, rest. Mine is all in my head. I bet everyone at work thinks that...

So I warmed up, ran, walked, ran, cooled down. I've now completed the portion of C25K that has recovery walks between runs. I love it. On Saturday I have a 25 minute run. Color me supah excited. I just hope this cold/allergy thing is gone by then. I have a full day of scrapbooking on tap after my run.

In checking the data from my Garmin, I'm hovering around 11:35 min/mile. It's better than my previous average of ~12 min/mile, but I really want to be closer to 10 min. I guess that can be another goal. I'll have to investigate speed work after I've worked up to a consistent 6 mile run.

Changing the subject completely, which I can do as it's my blog, Ash, my wonderful cat, is going under tomorrow so the vet can stitch up 1/3-1/2 of her wound. I'll save you from the flashback pictures that are Saga de Ash, but just look under that post if you want a refresher. The vet wants to close up the area starting from the back of the wound, which is the smallest part. It's also the part closest to her leg/groin and keeps getting irritated by the bandage every time she walks.

Hopefully this will all be done in February. The end of February will be 7 months that we've dealt with this. Ash deserves to run around the house again. We deserve to not have to take her to the vet 3 times a week and worry if she has enough pain medication to make everything bearable (which has been less of an issue since the vet stopped stretching the skin).

What's that in the distance? I think it's light. We're, us and the vet office, are all very happy that it's almost over.


Viv said...

I hope all goes well with Ash tomorrow.
Pace yourself, your doing great. I mean you came back to running and knocked off 30 secs. of your pace already. That is grrreeaattt!

Carly said...

Just catching up. I hope everything goes well with your kitty. WTG running running when you don't feel up to up...sometimes those are the best runs.