Frankenkitty... oh and some running

So Monday the vet was going to close up the bottom third to half of her wound. It was moved from the previous Friday due to the vet deciding not to.

So Monday comes and I drop her off, telling her how good she's going to do. I get a call about 4ish they closed it all up! The whole entire thing! It's in the shape of a Y, of all things and she'll be getting her stitches out on the 21st, if all goes well.

Poor kitty!!!

As some of you know, I've been getting back into running from my IT Band incident. I've got one more day of C25K Week 7. This isn't half as exciting as seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in Ash's situation, it is still an achievement. I really wanted to be running the 1/2 Marathon at the Surf City USA Marathon but as Maria says when life gives you lemons, squeeze them in the eyes of your enemy!

My enemy, weak muscles and some over training. How did I squeeze that lemon? I got my orthotics, which helped more than I though possible, and I started to strength train in earnest.

I really don't like the gym so much. There is planning involved and sometimes confusion when I don't plan, which most of the time. I forget which muscle group I wanted to work on. I tend to focus on the machines I like, or the exercises I know. This tends to make my triceps scream, as I'm still positive all these tricep kickbacks will get rid of my upper arm waddle.

So whilst I was taking a break from running, to let my IT band heal up and be less touchy, I joined a gym and got a Personal Trainer. I think this was one of my better ideas. I've got a better idea of what a workout looks like.

I'm still a huge noob about putting one together myself, but I tend to do less tricep work and actually pay attention other arm muscles. I'm still combing the internet for a better push-up, but I feel like I've accomplished things at the gym now.

So after all my babbling this is what it boils down too, I feel better about the gym. It doesn't feel so foreign to me. I just wish my gym had a spin class.


Tammy said...

Congrats on getting a handle on the gym!

Oh, and great news for Ash!

Viv said...

Glad Ash's recovery is going well. WTG on getting better about the ST at the gym! /you will be a gym rat before you know it..LOL! Those gym rats really freak me out! Start a petition for the spinning...