I'm back!

There have been happening here that have made me stay away, the least of all was my lack of running due to over training.

We were at my Grandma's birthday last weekend and that's when I stopped running due to pain. The pain is pretty much gone and I'm back to my 4 miles, or my trying to run 4 miles.

Oh and there was Ash getting her scab removed. As soon as I get pictures I'll post the whole saga in all it's boring details.

Well today is my DOR. I will be getting out and walking the dogs, because they deserve it!


Viv said...

I'm glad the pain is gone Yas. Enjoy the DOR walk with the dogs.

Teresa said...

Yasmin, the dreaded Mr. ITBS is nasty. He visited me for a long time after the National Half and still comes a knocking occasionally, even today. Glad your pain is gone!