Yas Versus the Dreadmill

I ran on a treadmill today. It wasn't the most pleasant time spent running but I ran my complete four miles. Of course, the moment I'd stop for a breather, I'd face plant into the treadmill belt. (Do you call it a conveyor belt if it isn't on a conveyor?) Kinda motivates you not to keep going and not look like a dumb ass.

So the score is Yas 1, Dreadmill 0.

Not that poor DM ever had a chance, but I did do some trash talking between the 3 and 4 mile marks. I owned that treadmill. I owned it so hard I pwned it. (if you don't understand pwned, rest assured you don't play enough video games)

The reasons it was unpleasant:

Poor treadmill picking. I didn't get one right in front of a TV so I was constantly craning my head to see/read the TV to my right.

Yas was unprepared. I left the house without a towel, for sweat wiping off the treadmill and without lil (Red). So I was completely dependant on the music at the gym, which I could barely hear, or trying to read the captions on the tvs set to CNN. Don't attempt to read the captions of what the anchor is saying and the news ticker on the bottom of a news channel at the same time. It'll give you a headache.

My knees felt odd after the run. I can't say they hurt afterwards, but they felt different than they usually do after a street run. I feel like my knees took all the impact of the run, not my thighs. In fact my thighs didn't seem to hurt at all.

Afterwards I attempted an Abs Pilates DVD. Hmm, that score was Yas 0, DVD 1. Didn't even get through it all. I am weak sauce.


Viv said...

I have turnede around and gone back home due to forgetting the shuffle. LOL! Way to kick the DM to the curb!

Tammy said...

I never could read and run at the same time... one gym I used to belong to had outlets for your headphones on the TM's that would let you listen to what was on the TV's. That was sweeeet.

Just make sure your shoes are double knotted when you get on there- treadmill burn ain't pretty!

Delane said...

Reading while running=ankle sprain. Tried it once and fell off the dreadmill. I now just watch TV.