Running in Skirts

I have a new product I love, running skirts/skorts. Skorts have shorts, skirts have panties, although both can be referred to as skirts.

I own 2 that I've run in, the Brooks running skort and the Running Skirts Athletic skirt. Both have two pockets and can eliminate the need for a waist pack, depending on how much stuff you carry with you.

I like the skirts because they give me all the benefits of shorts (meaning less clothes when it's freaking hot) without worrying about what the people behind me are seeing. I don't usually go crazy over something this fast, but I love it. I'll have to take a picture of me in one and post it.

Oh and I ran hills today. Really just 2 hills, they're reverse hills really. I run down, run flat for a bit, then run back up, repeat. It wasn't fun, but I was able to get up both of them. I'll try it again tomorrow!


DoriAnn said...

Yas, I can't believe you didn't get the mini mouse skirt for the Disney! The Brooks one looks really cute and comfy. My friends would die if I showed up to a race in one. I have to get a skirt when I shrink my rear!

Viv said...

I am with DoriAnn, maybe next year when I run my first 1/2 I will wear a skirt.
(A girl can dream can't she)
Awesome job on the hills!