On the DL

So I was off visiting family this weekend, it was my Grandmother's 80th birthday so we threw a bash. I was determined to stick to my running schedule, even if it was a bit modified as I missed my Friday run getting everything ready for our trip.

Well, either it was running on the dreadmill, after which my knees felt funny, or running in too small shoes, I'm trying to figure out if the fit is incorrect in my Mizunos, or I could be pushing myself to hard by increasing my distance too quickly.

Either way I think I'm experiencing ITBS, but I'm not completely sure. I may see if I can get an appointment with a medical professional that confirms my diagnosis. I don't want to do permanent damage to the tendon or my liver (with all the anti-inflammatory pills I've been popping).

I'm hoping to run 2 miles tomorrow, and I may need to dial back my plan to run that 10K in November.


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Viv said...

Yas, first off Happy 80th Birthday to your Grandma. That is awesome! Secondly, I hope there is nothing serious going on with the band. I know what you mean about the NSAIDS. I had to go to Wal Mart and buy another one of those ginourmous bottles of ibuprofen ,and said this needs to stop. Keep us posted.