Random Thoughts

So I know it's been almost a month, but I had a little set back.

I wasn't really back last time. My IT band was acting up again so I had a self imposed 2 week running ban. When I went to the doctor, she told me 2 weeks was a good start, but I might need to stop running for 4 weeks. I tried running on Thursday, made it about 1 mile and the pain/irritation was too much to ignore. So I'm back to doing other types of cardio.

I'm still walking the dogs and I've taken up the bike, stationary as it is. I'm going to get my bike back into running order so I can ride outside. I'm also gonna go swimming again. I think I may try a tri before the year (either actual or by next October) is up.

Some random thoughts I've collected:

I have chapped lips when I run. I thought it was the wind that did it. Turns out to be my exhaling.

I wish I enjoyed anything the way my dogs enjoy their walks or my cats enjoy lying in the sun, or anywhere for that matter.

My Mizunos were not fit properly and I'm looking forward to more running action in my Brooks, which are cuter anyway.

I can actually pass up cake, cookies or french fries. I am shocked.

Running makes me happy. I've been in a funk for the past, oh, 2 or so weeks. I wonder why? Didn't make the connection until I sat and thought about it whilst in traffic on the way home from work on Friday. I decided to enjoy my strength training and alternate forms of cardio. I really do like bike riding and I love walking with the dogs.

I've decided to enjoy my life. So I don't have the most exciting or fun job in the world, I love the people I'm working with and I'm going to enjoy them. So I'm overweight. I'm working on it, and if I was never overweight, I would never have met any of my peeps on the WW Boards or at the meetings. I would have never found running.


Delane said...

Chapstick pre running is on my list of things to do b/f hitting the pavement. I get horrible chapped lips and good gravey do they bug me when I run.

It almost as bad ..I said ALMOST..as chub rub.

Viv said...

The wax stick stays in my sprots bra with a piece of gum. I exhale like a freak and my mouth and lips get dry! Loved the random thoughts Yas. You will be running back b4 u know it. I am also thinking about a sprint tri sometime next year. We can exchange some training info.