When the spirit (and cardiopulmonary system) is willing...

but the body is not able.

That was the theme of my 10K this morning. I walked the better part of the last 2 miles. I ran/walked the whole race. My knee was giving me trouble and it was hot...enough excuses. It wasn't my best race ever. I think I'll be taking a solid week, maybe two, off running and focus on swimming and biking. At least this time I have something else to focus all my energy.

What I really need to do is get back to strength training at the gym. Strength the muscles around my knee and tighten up my core.

Race Report: It was hot, there were a few (maybe 3ish) hills. We ran a bit on the horse race track, which seemed cool before we started but wasn't really. It was hard and uneven. Not hard like pavement, but like packed dirt and was tiring to run through. It's amazing to see almost 3000 women out there, at least before the 5K turn around. I believe I finished in 88 minutes and some change, but the official results for my mother and I weren't up yet. Not sure why as the other results were posted.

This may replace my worst running/race experience, but I'm not sure. To be hot, sweaty with a knee ache that makes you walk 2 miles or to run a 5K in the freezing rain? It's a toss up. I was happy that I did it. A couple other Divas were there. I saw them a few times during the race and the thought of them and my mom kept me from throwing a tantrum on the course.
The breakfast cafe was great. Hot food is always good (bean burritos for us who decided to forgo the meat today). They did give us these neat little time tags instead of chips, but I can't seem to get it scanned to show you all. We get to keep them. I think I'm going to turn mine into a bookmark.


Viv said...

Great job for toughing it out Yas! I hear on the ST it is so difficult to get in while in full mode tri training. I have neglected it and know I need to come back to it. I think the XT break will let that knee heal. Way to listen to your body. Super cute bib too.

Delane said...

Great job finishing. ST is my weakness..i just do not like it. Boring.