Hills, Hills, Hills

Okay, I thought I trained on hills with my little hill repeats. I.Was.Wrong.

Apparently anywhere you go in my area, you're riding hills. You either ride up them in the beginning of the ride, or at the end of the ride, or all through the ride. We pretty much rode the hills all through the ride.

I've been a bike hoor all this week. What was that? Did I hear cycling? Are you going on a ride? Sign me up! I'm pretty confident that my swimming is coming along, it's the bike I want to focus on next.

It was my first Rock 'n Road Cyclery's Diva rides. It's not a group like the TriDivas or a Cycling club. Just a group of women who like to ride and it's organized by one of the local cycling shops. They plan rides the last Saturday of the Month.

It was a hard ride, and I didn't walk up one hill!!! One of the ladies always stayed back with us newbies. There were just 2 of us doing the noob first loop. It was fun, all right turns, except the left to get on the first street and the left into the parking lot.

I was thoroughly beat at the end and my Garmin was dead before I started the ride, so I have no record of what I did. I'm going to have to do that loop again.

On to something else I've been thinking about. I went to the Post Office on Friday. I always get a weird feeling when I'm leaving the post office, or a similar shipping place. I always leave with an empty feeling. I think it's because it's one of the few places where you pay but get nothing to take with you.

I realize I'm paying for a service, but even when I get my dogs groomed, I get my dogs back when I pay. It leaves me with an empty feeling, like I've forgotten my bag at the register. But it's probably just me.

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Viv said...

Fall in love with the hills. I am working on it, maybe one day they will love us back. LOL! Great job on the cycling adventure. Sounds like a great loop with mostly right turns. LMAO at the post office thought. I always leave with the feeling of i hope it gets to where I am sending it.