I was fubed*

My plan to swim 1000 yards after work today was derailed by summer.

Summer means swimsuits and pool time for the kiddies. Lots of pool time for lots of kiddies. My neighbors are usually very good at making sure there is a lane for someone to swim laps, but there were just too many people for me to ask them to clear a lane. I couldn't stop the kids from having their fun. It's been so hot lately they deserve it as much as I do. I'm going to try again tomorrow, if I don't go cycling instead. Decisions, Decisions.

*fubed is a shortened version of fubar. Not sure how it came to be fubed. Maybe it's the verb tense.


Amy said...

What a drag Yas. Our pool at the Y always has 2 open lap swimming lanes.

I always look at them and think, wow, I should try swimming again.



Kelly said...

That sucks but I love your verb conjugation.

Love, your favoritest cheater (yes - I saw your comment on Amy's blog)


Yasmin said...

Kelly, you know I'm just jealous.

Delane said...

That stinks...I hate when best laid plans get derailed.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I hate when my plans don't go my way...