See Yas Fall

Today I used my cycling shoes and clipless pedals for the first time, ever.
I did not practice in a doorway in my house. I did not practice on grass. I just went all out, balls to the wall, and road on a paved path.
I ate it almost immediately. This was too be expected. I actually clipped in and when I went to put my butt on the seat, I got caught on my chamois (the padding in the cycling shorts) and went down. Let me tell ya, I was glad I had my helmet securely fastened on my head.
So I thought I'd gotten it out of the way. No more falling for me. The ride was hilly, and not just rolling hills, some STEEP hills. I made it through most of them, but walked up a total of 3. You really need to choose a gear BEFORE you get to the hill. Next time I do this ride, I'll be in my lowest (easiest, which ever one that is) gear for most, if not all of the hills. Maybe the whole ride.
Now here's where being stubborn can hurt you, when you decide after walking halfway up a hill, you'll try to clip in. Bad idea. After I fell for the second time (to my left, like the first) I had the bright idea to try to clip in with my dominate (right) foot. I promptly fell over to the right. Now I have matching scuffs on my ratcheting strap (the top strap).
Lesson here kids? Keep pedaling up the hill or walk your ass all the way up it. Don't change your mind midstream, unless it's from pedaling to walking. Hopefully you won't hurt yourself, although now I have scraped up elbows, the left one is so bad it hasn't scabbed over yet. I'll be so cool at work tomorrow (actually I'm going to wear long sleeves so I won't have to answer any questions).
I don't know that it made me faster, as I wasn't concentrating on pulling up the pedal as well as pushing it down. Also, the hills made it a bit hard to concentrate just on pedaling.
Next time maybe I'll try a spin class...


Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm laughing, because that would so be me!

Viv said...

That is all of us when getting the clipping in. I have tons of old posts about my clipping in drama falls. Once you pick your clipping foot and stick with it will be golden. Way to keep going with it. The scuff ehhh they will clear up. But the clipping in falling stories are always fun to tell.

Yasmin said...

Today, looking back at it, I can see my mom calling me a therca (I can't spell it. It's Spanish, they say it means stubborn, but I bet it means brat or something else endearing) for even THINKING about cliping in on a hill.

I'm going to keep with my baby hills and get better.

Tammy said...

Wow, until you bloggers started talking about biking, I never realized how complicated bike riding is!

Carly said...

I am scared of shoes that clip in. One fall and I would be done! WTG sticking with it.

Delane said...

I'm sorry but I so lMFAO...ugh...I had to go to doctor after I tried my clips for the first time. I think I crashed 4xs on my first ride.

I no longer ride with clips.

paige said...

I also didn't know it was so hard...geez, I'd a been crying like a baby on the side of the road! LOL

Way to keep with it!