is what I've been doing. Apparently I took the no running take a DOR to heart. I feel better. I can't say that I'm feeling more prepared, though.

Tomorrow it mock tri number 2, but I'm thinking I'm just doing the swim (pool swim this time) and bike. I was thinking about skipping this one, sleep in on a Saturday, but I was so slow in the swim to bike transition I wanted to do it again.

That's it peeps. That's all I got.

Except for one thing, I'm watching Battlestar Galatica and I'm supah excited that things are happening. Yes, I'm a scifi geek. If you all want to leave my blog and never come back, I'll understand.


Viv said...

Hope the mock tri went well. Looking forward to hearing how the T1 went.

SciFi?? I still love ya!

Al's CL Reviews said...

LOL at being a sci-fi geek.

Hope you did ok with mock tri 2.

Kelly said...

*tapping foot, waiting for update on Mock Tri 2*

And...a DOR is a DOR!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you enjoyed it!

Amy said...

Also waiting to hear about the mock tri 2!