I took an easy week. Real easy. I did about a 4 mile walk on Monday, about 500 yard swim in the lake on Wednesday and a 3 mile run yesterday. I'm so ready for the 10K on Sunday...

No, really, I'll go pick up my packet tomorrow, but we'll see about running the whole way. I'm signing up for another tri in July and I'm thinking of signing up for a 4th of July 5k or 10K.

This leads me to my main topic of discussion, addictions. One day a very long time ago, I was in a meeting and my leader was talking about food addiction. Food addiction is one of the hardest, probably the hardest, addiction to break. You HAVE to eat. You can go the rest of your life avoiding alcohol, drugs or gambling, but not without food. So you replace your addiction to food with one to shopping! (insert laugh track here)

Well, I did replace my addiction to food, for the most part, with another addiction: races. I didn't realize it until early this week when I decided to sign up for the Solana Triathlon and the July 4th race (most likely), and I've signed up for some Trail runs (okay not technically races, but still).

I like training. I love the feeling of finishing a race, of knowing my body can feel, then ignore, discomfort. That I can do things I never though possible. At 195, or even 180, I never would have ran. At 160 I never would have thought about a triathlon, hell at 140 I never thought about it. I'm no longer one of those people who say, "I'd like to run a 5K. I'd love to do 1 triathlon. I wonder what running 13.1 miles feels like?"

I know now. I wonder what an Olympic Distance tri feels like or 26.2 miles. Not so sure about the latter, but I know I'll do the former. Hey, maybe I'll join a crazy friend of mine on the journey to be a 1/2, then full, Ironman (you know who you are). Or maybe I'll just experience the joy of 13.1 miles on a flat course.

There could be worse things. I could be an exercise bulimic. I can tell you I am NOT that. I do what I need to do so I can get faster or race longer and consume the occasional piece of chocolate cake or beer. I will not spend hours upon hours in the gym just 'cause.

I have better things to do with my time, like play Rock Band. On that note, I'm gonna go rock out!


Jen said...

Running *and* Rock Band. I knew there was a reason we are friends.

paige said...

Your right, you could be addicted to worse!

I checked out your post and pics from your tri below and I just had to tell you that you have a wonderful smile. It's quit contagious! If being addicted puts a smile on your face like that then keep it going girl!

Viv said...

I wonder if I know this person you speak of. If not I am sure I would love em'.

I almost fainted when I saw my schedule this is an easy week which includes a 30 mile bike and a 7 mile run. Oh yea Oly will be tough training but like you I would not have it any other way.

I am addicted and I don't and my only cure is cowbell and finish lines..LOL!

Kelly said...

There are TOTALLY worse things to be addicted to! You rock!

Delane said...

Yep, exercise can be addictive and you could be addicted to worse.