I'm an Endurance Athlete

No really, I am. The proof? Tonight's run.

My trail running group canceled our Thursday night run due to thunderstorms. This really bummed me out for a few reasons.

1) I was really looking forward to seeing if I could run 6 miles.
2) I ate today thinking I was going to run 6 miles (read: ate my calories before I burned them off)

I set out to run around the lake, twice. One lap is ~5K. I ended up with negative splits! How you ask? We'll, this is what I believe happened

A) I was warmed up. (run/walking 2 miles will do that to you)
B) I got past the dreaded 20 min/2 mile mark. (I've always had this, have you?)
C) I embraced my slower pace.

I think C is the most important. I really don't like being at a 13+ min/mile. I really don't. It was where I was when I first started running. I was trying to run faster than I my body can. I'd get running craps and ankle/IT Band/hip issues. This run was different. Like the longer distance runs of old. On the back 5K, I was warmed up, mentally in the run and had no unplanned walk breaks. These 3 things were missing from the first 5K.

As to why I'm an endurance athlete, after the first 2 miles, I felt like I could go forever. Well, at least for 4 more miles, maybe 6. I got into a good groove, although I really need to change the music on my shuffle and make it more shuffley, and started loving the run.

I did help that 3 guys waved/said hi to me on my run. Encouragement is always welcome.


Al's CL Reviews said...

I love runs like that!

Delane said...

Runs like that are the best.

I felt this way this weekend at my race. Makes me feel like I can do better, go longer, go faster.

I want to to run!