The DL

When it rains, it pours. Two surgeries in one year are two too many. I hate being on the DL.

At the beginning of August I ran the last of the Peter's Canyon Trail series. Beat the two previous race times. And then I stopped running. Stopped doing any training, really.

This was also around the time I scheduled my gallbladder surgery. Surgery that I would not have had now if I didn't need to change insurance polices.

I was equal parts disappointed, bitter and defeated. I really wanted to race the Pacific Coast Sprint Triathlon, but the earliest time I could schedule surgery was Sept 8th. Pac Coast was out, so was the OC International Triathlon, due to a no swimming for 6 weeks post-surgery order. 1 mile is not something that I can just go out and do. A 25 mile bike ride, sure. My lady parts might hurt, and it might take me almost 3 hours, but it'd get done. A 6 mile run, cake! I can walk at any time during the 6.2 miles.

But a 1 mile swim? With no training. Even with a wetsuit it wasn't going to happen.

But now I'm (semi)-back. I'm ready to run. I've jumped on the trainer once or twice. I'm not supposed to swim until Oct 20th, but I'm going to get clarification on that from the doctor tomorrow.

Did I mention Nike Women's 1/2 is on October 17th? And I haven't been able to train for it? But if I can finish it pregnant, I can finish it without training for it.

Hopefully I'll finish the 1/2 in less than 4 hours.


Autumn said...

Yes, being on the DL does suck. It feels like such a hard slog to get back to where you were before! But you seem to have a pretty positive attitude about it. Go, Yas!

Al's CL Reviews said...

You can do it!

Glenn Jones said...

Sooooo nice to see that you are back at it! Keep your nose to the grindstone....

Delane said...

You will do great. I ran a half this summer and will be running one this weaken with no training. It's all mental. How much you want to abuse your body determines how fast you'll go.

Have fun!!!!