July Peter's Canyon Trail Race

Today was the 2nd of 3 trail races at Peter's Canyon. It was also the 2nd of 3 races I'm running between 7/3 & 7/11. (side note: the bean will be 6 months old on 7/11).

This course was the harder one, running the trail clockwise (up trail, not the hills). The trail has a slight grade to it. Last month's race, we ran up the hills, then down (read: downhill) the trail. This month we ran up the trail.

I still shaved ~2 minutes off my unofficial time. I'm excited about that. I'm thinking I'm probably not going to get under an hour in August, but I should get close.

It did warm up a bit, but the race weather was still nice. We ran up the trail, then over Devil's Crotch (not sure if this is an "official" name) and back down. I saw more mountain bikers than on previous runs. In the middle of mile 2 I ran into a pack of hot guys running down the trail. Almost turned around. *almost* But I did think that my bib number should be my phone #, or maybe my twitter name.

I did end up finding a groove after mile 2, as always. Had a hamburger after the race and headed out to pick up the bean. I do love a race where the food is actual food. Not just bagels and bananas.

The final race of this series is on 8/5. Wish me luck and persistence in following my training

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Glenn Jones said...

I'll probably join you on the 5th!