Not at 100%

The title says it all. I tried to run Saturday. Didn't start until 11am. It was sunny, and a bit hot. Ran for 5 minutes and got a side stitch. I thought (hoped) it was due to heat and hydration. So I bailed and walked.

Went out to support my triathlon team at their mock tri, and to do some running, and to eat the hot breakfast. (Ok, I was most motivated by the hot breakfast.) I was able to complete 5 intervals of a 5 min run/1 min walk. By the end of the last interval, I couldn't ignore the pain in my side. I was running at Back Bay, in comfortable, overcast weather, with a full 20 oz bottle of water.

Now I know I'm not completely healed. I've had side stitches due to running too fast. I've had side stitches due to insufficient hydration. This hurt much different, and much more, than either of those.

I'm back to taking it easy. The last thing I need is for something else to go wrong.


Aka Alice said...

Saturday was UNBELIEVABLY humid. I'm willing to blame that in the short term for everything.

Glad that you're back BTW!

Glenn Jones said...

Smart move Yas. I'm just aout to take a couple weeks of complete rest to get my knee better. I should follow your lead...