Nike Women's (1/2) Marathon - 2010

At the expo with Rachel and the bean

I really have a love/hate relationship with this race. I do love that it's mostly women. I do love that (the 1/2 at least) is very scenic. And I absolutely love how many spectators there are on the course. I hate the hills. I hate how many other runners participate. And this year, I hate the rain.

Beautiful views

So many runners

What puts it over the top? Firemen, in tuxes (in the rain) with little blue boxes.

I did finish in under 4 hours this year. This was in doubt at the start line. The last time I ran more than 2 miles was in August at the Peter's Canyon Trail race. I didn't run all of those 5 miles. I ran 2 miles Wednesday before the race. (Note: This is not a good half marathon training plan.)

I headed to the start with my friend Rachel. We met up with my friend Bethany and went in search of the bag check. Found some of Rachel's friends as we lined up in the corals. (Never was able to meet up with my friend Louise or my twitter peeps. It's such a cluster at the start!)

Me and Bethany at the start

As planned walked the first 2+ miles with my friend Bethany. We split off and I started to run. Ran past the wharf, up the cable car turn around, down into the Presidio, up Fort Mason. Took pictures of the Golden Gate, mile signs, and one awesome "Run like zombies are chasing you" sign.
The awesomest sign ever!

About 9.5 miles in my outer left knee started talking to me. At first I couldn't run the steep down hills. Then it was any down hill, then I couldn't run. As soon as I realized I was swinging my leg at the hip, I gave in and walked. I walked the last 3 miles. I should have walked the last 3.1.

I ran the last .1, as soon as I saw the finish line. It was pure vanity. As soon as I crossed the finish line a first aid worker asked me if I needed her. I shook her off and headed straight towards the the firemen and the little blue box.

Official time: 3:36:39


Al's CL Reviews said...

What was in the little blue box?

Glenn Jones said...

Congrats on finishing Yas! Bling photos please!