Yas Got Her Groove Back

Yes, I know you all didn't know it was lost, but it was. For the past 2 weeks, well let's be honest, probably the last 6 weeks, I really had no desire to train.


I was going through the motions, working the plan, but it was easy to put off a training session for any reason. ANY. I mean grocery shopping and laundry, even cleaning the house jumped in front of my desire to train.

I didn't necessarily think I'd lost my groove. I just thought I was tired, over scheduled, etc. But that never stopped me before.

Somewhere on the streets of Irvine, whilst taking my morning break/walk (I have to get out of the office/cube sometime), I found it.

In the middle of the afore mentioned walk, I wanted to break out into a run. It was a desire so powerful I actual jogged a few yards. In my work clothes. Jeans, even and no one was chasing me. I wanted to run for the first time in at least 2 weeks, maybe even 6.

Luckily no one from work saw me do this, I'd never live it down.

I'm off to Subaru's all women triathlon in Mission Bay, San Diego, soon. For all of you doing Nike (+)'s Women's Marathon and 1/2, Good Luck!!!! And steal me a little sumfin' from Tiffany's if you can.

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Al's CL Reviews said...

I hope your tri goes well!