Protein, Protein, Protein

Apparently I'm not eating enough. I talked about my elevated liver enzymes. Signs are now pointing towards my muscles breaking down and not being able to repair themselves.


So now I'm aiming to cram 100 grams of protein down my throat. It's harder than I thought.

First off, I feel full almost all the time. How are you supposed to get more protein in your stomach when it never tells you you're hungry?

Secondly, there is only so much meat I can eat. (have you finished giggling yet?) I'm working on getting down one and a half protein shakes. I'm also eating more nuts (stop with the giggling already) and a bit more dairy. Any other suggestions?


AKA Alice said...

Followed by "I'm working on getting down..."

Yeah...I'm still giggling...

So, I have no serious suggestions to make. Everything I think of is naughty :-)) (must be the wine).

Tammy said...

Yas- I've been drinking these "Wheybolic 60" protein shakes from GNC. Not as yummy as, say, Muscle Milk- but there are 60 grams of protein in each shake...

Yasmin said...

Yeah, Alice, I figured it was going to be a naughty post, but necessary.

Thanks for the shake suggestion, Tammy. That may get me to my goal with out this feeling of being full all the time.

I guess it's a good feeling, but annoying.

Delane said...

egg salad
a 6 oz can of tuna has 40 grams
milk has around 8 grams

pumpkin seeds are the hightest in protein I think, (seeds are better than nuts)

a salad with some cheese 1 oz hard cheese, pumpkin seeds and 6 oz of tuna will get you over 1/2 50 grams.

Viv said...

All I can say is thanks for sharing Yas. I have no suggestions being that my own body is shutting down on me. i hope the extra protien will help you to achieve the goals you set out for yourself.

Al's CL Reviews said...

I'm still laughing at Alice's comments.

Susan (aka Suba) said...

I love the Swanson's canned white chicken. Way better than tuna and it has lots of protein. It's yummy w/a teeny bit of light mayo.

Cottage Cheese
Prepackaged lunch meat
Whole wheat pasta & breads
Peanut Butter