Yes peeps, I went from recovery week to taper week. It's awesome! Well, it will be, once I get started on Taper Week training.

See this week I ran all of 3 miles and participated in another mockathlon (mock triathlon for those of you new to my blog). That's it. Well, there was some walking and attendance at Blizzcon where I saw this girl:And before you start talking about losers and dorks, et all, I just want you to know some of these people are uber talented in the costuming arena and I believe Hollywood and Broadway really need to pick a few of these up. The chick above, I think her name was Amanda, created a mechanical turtle that she rode on the stage. It was huge and the legs moved and everything! And look, her shoulders light up! She won the costume contest hands down.

I go to Blizzcon for the games (I got to play Diablo III and can not wait for it to come out) and to watch the people who have the balls to go up on stage and parade their costumes and dance like the characters in WOW. The winner of the dance contest must have been a belly dancer or a raver. She did the undead female trance dance like a pro.

Back to recovery week, I also walked the dogs a few days and went to the outlets in Carlsbad. It was a really hard week.

Next weekend is Subaru, then New Zealand. Yes, you all will be tortured with sheep pics, if I ever see any sheep.


Al's CL Reviews said...

And you don't come to Atlanta for Dragon Con?


Have a good week!

Tammy said...

And, I made fun of my daughter for wanting to go to Comic Con.


AKA Alice said...

Recovery week is a challenge... But hang in there with all that resting and all...it'll be over soon.

Can you get the girl in the photo to design you a Halloween costume?

Can't wait for sheep pix...hahahaha