10, 10, 10

I'm kicking it into high gear. Well, higher gear. Okay, it's like maybe 3rd gear. I'm running. For 10 minutes at a time, with a 1 minute walk break in between. Then I repeat it, two more times.

It's been different. I still have some IT Band issues from being pregnant. The hip spread and extra weight are most likely the cause. I'm really trying to get into a groove, to build back up my stamina.

I'm getting back into what's important, but I've realized what's important has changed. I'd love to run every day. But sometimes, it's just a walk with the bean in the carrier. I want him to be just as comfortable as I am (well, I'm not running to be comfortable, but you know what I mean).

I bundle him up, if it's cold and cover him if it's a bit wet, but there in lies the different choices. Before the bean, I'd run in pretty much any weather. Maybe not pouring down rain, but pretty much any temp, any time, any place. Now I try to run when he's with his dad or when he's about to fall asleep. I don't want interrupt my run if he fusses, but I don't want him to fuss on the run. I think once I build up my stamina, that the stopping in the middle of a run will be not as bothersome. It's not that I don't love having him out there with me or that I let him cry. In fact, it hurts my heart when he starts crying. I tend to not go too far from home, just in case he has a melt down. (Well that and there are lots of hills, and pushing a stroller up hills is work enough. I'm not adding running to it until I can run up the hills on my own!)

I'm looking forward to him being older and better able to entertain himself in the stroller. It might be a pipe dream, but here's to hoping!


Delane said...

Keep at it. Just think when he starts walking you can chase him around! :-)

Al's CL Reviews said...

You are doing great!

Glenn Jones said...

Wahoo! Great to see you out and about Yas! Don't worry so much about how much how far how fast - just be consistent.